The bus dev team is still working on exchanges. I’m not in those rooms; however, I’ll discuss some of the things I’m doing. Each of us our devs, use HOGE as the platform to tokenize your passion.

  1. Project: 1 Million – We are eager to get this to the next phase. Currently, awaiting a UI mock-up and will proceed to building the tool/platform. Hoping to fill in the community within the next week about what we are working on. It’s new to this space and we want to make sure we do it right. As we know with most things HOGE, if it gets spoken about it very quickly gets imitated. For this reason we have kept things under wraps.
  2. Boston University – Preparing my presentation this weekend. For my portion of the presentation I will cover the various protocols of the blockchain, common terms, and why makes HOGE unique. Will be in Boston Nov 8-10th if you are around let’s connect! Even got some business cards to pass out!
  3. We applied for Twitter verification yesterday. We used various news articles. They have 14 days to review our file. In the meantime everything our official Twitter post will be education, gaming, association, legal, DAO, etc. Once verified we will work on getting associated pages verified.
  4. Looking for additional Solidity devs and react devs for our new DAO Governance dAPP. Anyone interested shoot me a DM and I’ll connect you to Hoge Historian.

Things are looking great and we are blessed to have an amazing community. If anyone wants to get involved, be sure to get plugged in and let’s get to work. The best thing about HOGE is we are all devs.

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