STARDUST Protocol aims to solve the problems of prior cryptocurrencies including mining rewards, farming rewards, and liquidity provisioning. Mining equipment can be both costly and harmful to the environment, but mining remains of interest due to the opportunities afforded by it.

Another challenge remains to facilitate and maintain liquidity on decentralized exchanges. By nature, decentralized exchanges require liquidity for user participation, thus the responsibility is on the developers to provide it.

We propose utilizing a smart contract function to automatically capture liquidity to be used on the decentralized exchanges and held in custody independent from user possession.

Additionally, a smart contract that provides the capability to burn tokens can promote scarcity by reducing the total supply. Together, the combination of these tokenomics may afford far superior benefits for the community within the decentralized venue. Allowing these functions to be amplified and dependent on volume provides an ideal incentive to expedite adoption and foster new use cases.

Presale today 7 UTC!


Stardust protocol:

– Farming

– Staking

– Exchange

– NFT Marketplace

– Lottery

– Competitions

– Fully doxed team


StarDust ( SD )

100M Supply



3% Marketing

5% LP


6% Marketing

10% LP

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