When viewed from a more bigger term perspective, the tokenomics are nothing short of incredible. Simply put, whenever there is a dip in price levels, there will be some kind of reflection that will buy buying back manually at a rate of 1%. In addition to this, there will be a liquidity tax implemented at a rate of 1% in order to keep it more stable and increase its size. The final point is of course the marketing tax – which is gonna be 3%


The contract is renounced, making it completely risk-free for all parties involved.


The entirety of the initial liquidity will be locked for a period of 7 days using a mudra locker, which has been demonstrated to offer the highest level of security required by the development team as well as the investors themselves.

About the team

The team has a solid foundation, and their legitimacy has been confirmed by the BscScan, which is responsible for their own labeling. Also, one of the members of the team is in charge of running a call channel. This call channel offers only secure and pretty much based calls, and its primary purpose is to offer a good x’s to individuals who are searching for degens or mid to long-term projects.

Social Link

Telegram: SquidBetOfficial



Contract: 0x5441e238453673c15d1a3de30efe0353aecac8d7

LP Locked:

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