SoldOut in Presale, You Can Win NFTs in Server or Buy Them From OpenSea! Play Our Demo Before Investing! Pre-Alpha Demo Coming SOON!

Hello all! KryptoFighters is a turnbased retro strategic card game on PolygonBlockchain, really simular to Darkest Dungeon! Test the demo game and have some fun before you decide to invest or not! Let us know your opinions and help us improve!

Join discord server for DEMO link!:

You can learn more about the game from pinned posts.

I want to inform you about some free NFT opportunities at the moment. KryptoFighters is on AGRESSIVE MARKETING phase now! There are events everyday! You can get free NFTs or earn USDC! Stay tuned and don’t miss any of them!

Stay Tuned!

Weekly GiveAways! Non-stop Contests!

There are 4 different giveaways in its discord server at the moment and also they make twitter and gleam giveaways for Fighter NFTs and Fighter NFT parts! Invititation contest is over you can vote for the Fan-Art Contest these days. After voting stay tuned for new contests!

“Loyalty Reward System”

Be “Loyal”, Get Here Early and Fight For Your Free Fighter NFTs!
You can be active and invite friends (just a couple, 2 friends are enough for becoming a RealFighterian) and get the “Real Figherian Badge” and get rewarded 1 Holo Bar and one Gold Bar right after you get it! That means you will be whitelisted so you can join the pre-sales! You will also be eligible to win Holo Bars, Gold Bars and Microchips thorough many events and then craft your own Fighter NFT using different recipees. Their prices start from 60 USD$ depending on the rarities of course. You can craft your FighterNFT using 2 HoloBars, 3 GoldBars and 5 Microchips.

Participate in Fighter Talk!

Live Talk Show every Sunday; you will be able to get informed about the news, dev updates and also you will get a chance to win NFTs from Lucky Wheel or giveaways! It happens every Sunday at 2 PM UTC! Hope to see you around ^^
There are daily games and giveaways in our server, join us to be a part!

Discord Page:

Pre-Alpha Demo coming soon, you will be able to train your fighters now! Join our server not to miss the updates!

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