Now I want to make it clear SolDoge, Solana and Dogecoin are properties of their respective owners and not affiliated with SolDoge or its community. Furthermore, SolDoge is a meme, not an investment. AND I AM HERE TO SPREAD LOVE POSITIVE VIBES ONLY. I have been a holder of SolDoge since the OG roles or discord were given out and been the holder of the airdropped 80,000 SolDoge. I have decided to make this post is because I want to get the word about our community that many do not realize has grown organically and matured over a period of 5-6 months. We had a surge of sudden traffic recently near end of October where our holders grew from around 3,000 to over 6,100 at the time of writing this up. With the holder growth comes the dramatic price increases and new all-time highs are set and broken again and again. I just ask please have a look at for all the rest of the information. Down below are the links to coinmarketcap and coingecko. The team is working hard on the much awaited NFT release in a couple of days with the count down on the official site TOKENOMICS Total (Fixed) Supply: 10,000,000,000 SDOGE Distribution as of 09/2021: 89.5% Public Sale 10.5% SolDoge Community Team (Donated) In April 2021, 100% of the SDOGE token supply was offered in a fair, stealth launch sale on the Serum DEX at the lowest possible price (0.000001 USDC). Community Wallet: 5orZo9fUxH975nwW6T7gReV2NTzbd2VvQHBrmXCkPPUH (funds pooled by the community team for future) Dex Serum Wallet: BxQkthShBQekJyRuc1J4MHBJSh1sp2tEocSfVL25ABVB (the Orderbook) Bitrue: 7RmkMNQerKaVioRnmqZsHM5Gm8F3gngQG8umLNoK97q4 (most likely alot of holders + the orderbook) Going forward we will be looking at options in the Solana ecosystem for creating a DAO to decentralize and expand our team and turn this token (which has 100% of supply already circulating since launch) into a truly next-gen community token and meme. How would you like to contribute and help make SolDoge awesome? Feel free to reach out to admins on any of the social channels. SolDoge Community Team Links and Socials: Website:

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