So the stock market, crypto, economy as a whole are likely to continue down this year, right?

What about $SHIT? If you look at the LT chart, it’s at the bottom, the loading zone, the can’t go down much more area already.

With some luck (massive pump, big Twitter or Reddit following gets a hold of it etc), this could easily 10x, 100x, or more. It has 10x multiple times already on past runs.

ERC-20 token, contract verifiable on CoinGecko, is funny, has no utility, and for those reasons makes it the perfect candidate to go completely bonkers with no warning. It used to just trade on Uniswap. It’s been added to Hotbit and with more exchanges hopefully to come.

I took some of my ETH gains a couple years ago and put a small amount into $SHIT as a moonshot opportunity.

Crazy long shot of a moonshot, but maybe just crazy enough. DYOR, don’t invest more than you can afford to lose, and GL. Disclaimer: I’m not the creator of the coin, but am an investor

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