SHIBARIUM BETA is going live this Week!!! And with all the hype im trying to catch the next big mover

SHIBA STEAK is the first-ever Liquidity Staking Derivative on the Shibarium ecosystem! With the $STEAK platform you can keep your assets liquid while earning passive income.

As per a Twitter announcement, SHIBARIUM Beta is about to be released this week and things will really heat up once the validators go live and people can start migrating to the ecosystem.
The Shiba Steak Team are applying to be one of these validators, since they fullfil all requirements the chances they win a spot are big, history will write itself from there on.

By swapping your SHIBA for $STEAK-SHIBA, a wrapper around the $STEAK Aggregator protocol, you can sit back and let our protocol do the rest. The proprietary smart contract ensures the highest possible staked SHIBA yield across a range of liquid staking protocols, all while custody of your staked assets remains in your hands.

With this innovative platform, you’ll have access to liquidity across the entire DeFi ecosystem, making it easier than ever to grow your investments. Stake the $STEAK
Check it out at r/ShibaSteak

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