OFFICIAL SHIBARMY is launched by the ShibaBCH devs in full partnership with the Shiba Community, as a community-run token. One day old CMC lited within 12 hours, will be listed on CoinGecko next. This gem unites the mighty shiba soldiers to share in profits, trade NFTs, and rocket to the outer galaxies! Contract: 0x1224cabc48e750a38a85f040b48c33925b61a765 Tokenomics: 10% transaction tax 5% rewards 5% liquidity Marketing wallet is already fat from reflections with constant ad-spending: Poo Coin Banner Ads, Twitter & TG Influencers, YouTube Influencer vids incoming! Reflection token – burn – wallets grow in tokens and value Next on Roadmap, after CMC (DONE!) and Coingecko, issuing official ShibArmy NFTs that can be staked – more rare, greater hash! Already achieved 1,100 token holders!!! WEBSITE: TELEGRAM: COINSNIPER: TWITTER: The most trending hashtag on crypto twitter will be the token EVERY new person to crypto will be buying in alt-season!!!

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