Noob here. I'm mining SHIB via unmineable. They give you a choice to get payouts in SHIB via ETH network (ERP20) or BSC network (BEP20). Since the latter is cheaper and faster and has a lower payout threshold, I chose that. Found (before I tried to payout) that Exodus does not support SHIB on BSC, so I added that wallet to Trust Wallet which does. I successfully received my SHIB into trust wallet (first crypto transaction, woot!) but now I'm wondering how to get it out. Seems I assumed quite a few things. First, Trust Wallet doesn't seem to support SHIB on BSC in their DEX. Second, I assumed fees came out of what you were transferring but instead it tells me I need to buy BNB to fund the fees. Hmm, ok.

Not that I'm looking to exchange it into USD or anything, the whole purpose of mining SHIB was for speculative reasons. But I want to make sure I have a decent "out". Seems like if I ever wanted to sell my SHIB, I'll have to transfer it to a ETH network wallet and pay the ETH fees anyway? Any other options? Are there exchanges that support SHIB on BSC? Kinda confused about the whole multiple networks thing. Thanks!

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