Preface: Sorry $SHIB army. Looks like it’s time to take a (hopefully) short break from gains. There haven’t been enough tokens mentioned consistently for me to change the top three of this chain of posts. Hoge, Banano, and Safemoon are by far the most mentioned in comments. Current market cap, weekly price increase, and 24hr volume below.

Token MC Inc Vol

Hoge $272.8M 108.2% $3.1M

Banano $47.5M 254.3% $1.6M

SFM $2.66B 60% $25M

Banano has had the strongest 7 day run mostly due to market cap. I haven’t seen much in the way of trying to get more exposure but it should come naturally to an extent as the community rallies. And they are rallying hard. Hoge has had a strong 7 days as well. The donations were transferred for the top 5 exchange plus two more exchanges are listing the token. Word is that is working something up with Hoge in terms of partnership. Safemoon had a strong ama and V2 is around the corner. Also, it was listed on ZT Exchange out of the blue. The exchange has a $5.3b volume which is awesome. It is worth noting that the exchange won’t contribute to reflections and the arbitrage is significant as it is only available in Hong Kong. Good months ahead for all!

For the traditional investors: Jasmy, TrueFi, Coti, and Loop seem to be great short term plays.

Let’s get this money, boys and girls!


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