Earn Passive Gold on Polygon – RWA play – Launching May 19 @ 11PM UTC

Shadowgold is the first token to utilize a dynamic dual-pool liquidity provider (LP) system, backed by 50% real gold and 50% MATIC. This groundbreaking approach sets it apart reflects holders as PAXG passively.

Presale a resounding success. Over 95% bought. $250K in locked liquidity. 10,000 holoders. Based dev and team that has been around since 2021. Starting MC of 3.5M.

  • Dynamic Dual-Pool LP System: Backed by 50% real gold and 50% MATIC, offering a stable and innovative investment.

  • Passive Gold Earnings: Holders receive real gold, reflected as PAXG, just for holding our token.

  • 1:1 Gold Holdings Growth: Effortlessly grow your gold assets with every token you hold.

  • New Money for the Real World: Combine the stability of gold with the excitement of cryptocurrency.

  • ShadowPay (Coming Soon): Spend your gold in the real world anonymously with no KYC required.

  • Unparalleled Privacy: Enjoy financial freedom without surveillance.

  • Biggest PAXG Holder on Polygon: Join a community leading the way in gold-backed cryptocurrency.

Embrace stability, innovation, and privacy.

telegram: shadowfiofficial


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