I’m curious about the process you go through when choosing which coins to invest in or add to your portfolio. What factors do you consider, and what strategies do you follow to determine whether a coin is worth your time and investment?

I’ve so many questions to ask and I wish everyone shares their knowledge :

  1. How much importance do you place on researching and analyzing a coin before considering an investment? What specific aspects do you focus on during your evaluation?
  2. How do you weigh market capitalization and trading volume when determining the worth of a coin? Are there any specific thresholds or indicators you look for?
  3. To what extent do you assess a coin’s development team, roadmap, and underlying technology? Are there any particular features or innovations that catch your attention?
  4. How much significance do you attribute to a coin’s community engagement and partnerships? Do you consider these factors as indicators of future growth and adoption?
  5. Do you pay attention to the news, media coverage, or sentiment analysis when evaluating a coin’s potential? How much weight do you give to external factors affecting a coin’s value?
  6. What steps do you take to manage the risk associated with investing in cryptocurrencies? Are there any specific strategies or principles you follow?
  7. Have you had any valuable learning experiences or memorable successes/failures while choosing coins? What lessons have you drawn from them?

    Please share your thoughts, insights, and any tips you believe could be helpful .

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