Hey dear Artists and Collectors!

For the past few months, i’ve been working on this awesome NFT Mystery Box Launchpad, and i would really love you guys/girls to check it out 🙂

Introducing https://seapad.io — The world’s first NFT Mystery Box Launchpad on the EVM Chains!

Seapad.io gives any NFT Artist the opportunity to create Mystery Boxes/Packs with their NFTs, instead of having to do a “Hidden” mint, and reveal.

When you launch your collection with Seapad with a few button clicks, you will automatically get the following:

  • Mint Page
  • Automatically Generated Mystery Boxes.
  • Tradable Mystery Boxes.
  • NFT Smart Contract for your NFTs.
  • Multi Currency Support.
  • Project Whitelisting.
  • Time countdown till launch.
  • Purchase Limiting. (Decide how many packs per wallet can buy).
  • No development/developer Needed for smart contracts/mint page.
  • …More

Every MysteryBox/Pack can be traded on open markets like Rarible and Opensea, and that gives collection owners not only the option to earn royalty from their collections NFTs but also the ability to collect royalties from their traded packs.

In addition, customers will no longer be required to wait for the admin to reveal their mint because Chainlink VRF V2 will give them the ability to open the pack at any time and reveal its contents and mint the NFTs.

The platform is fully automated and decentralised, and its live on Goerli Testnet, and Polygon Mainnet so far. (BSC, ETH and AVAX coming shortly)

The only requirements to launch with Seapad is:

  • Your nft’s metadata must be already uploaded somewhere
  • You must create a “Pack image” that must be 600×900.

Free DAI Token pack!

To celebrate our launch, we created a free pack on Polygon Mainnet, where every pack contains 1 redeemable NFT worth up to 100 DAI tokens ! (Contains minimum of 0.005 DAI)

You can claim this free pack by following the guide on https://seapad.io/freepack

Hope to see everyone on Seapad.io and our Discord Server where I will happily answer all your questions 🙂

Check it out today at

Website: https://seapad.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/seapadio
Medium: https://medium.com/@seapadio
Discord: https://discord.gg/yuAjUs4tNJ

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