I invite you to join us and see for yourself. They have so many things to be proud of and they deserve all the love they get from the community. Chart is looking amazing and is sitting at 20k MC

11 reels uploaded and boosting them

community doing reddit everywhere together with the devs

contests for holders every week

They post daily on Reddit as well as on instagram adding one chocolate coin per 100$ MC until we can jump in it ⭐️

The coin is currently on Pūmpfun which guarantees our community a fair launch and no presale or airdrop.



(You can buy normally using Trjan or search for the CA on pūmpfun)





Inspired by Scrooges Obsession with wealth. We will chase that bag with all we got. 1 Chocolate Coin for every $100 MC will be added to Scrooges money bin and posted on our socials. Stay ready because our goal is to jump in it.

Imagine diving headfirst into a vault overflowing with riches, just like Scrooge McDuck himself. Our coin embodies the very essence of Scrooge’s wealth: solid, enduring, and ever-growing. With Scrooge Coin, you’re not just investing in a cryptocurrency; you’re joining a legacy of money hunters and gold miners🫡

But what sets us apart isn’t just our homage to Scrooge’s wealth—it’s our mindset. Like the businessman himself, we believe in the power of hard work, determination, and strategic investments. Our team is dedicated to navigating the ever-changing currents of the crypto market because that’s what makes us happy and it’s the best job in the world.

And just as Scrooge valued his treasure trove above all else, we hold our community in the highest regard. We want you guys to have fun and enjoy the ride

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