The merge will immediately solve all the fee issues right??

Short answer, it doesn't.

Some history

The sentiment that the merge will solve scaling issues is old and now outdated. Originally the PoS chain was intended to get sharding before the merge occurs, putting the merge date most likely in 2023 sometime. However, due to pressure from miners, especially around EIP1559, it was decided to do a minimum viable merge without sharding.

Sharding is the piece that significantly increases throughout and drops transaction fees (note that I am referring to data and executable shards together, but both should have improvements to fees -data sharding should make it possible to increase the gas limit safely) So originally, yes, ETH2 would drop fees significantly. ETH2 would include sharding and PoS at the same time. But now that the merge was pushed up ahead of sharding, the merge itself won't solve the scaling issues.

ETH2 was intended to be a big update that solves all the issues, but it has been split up and re-arranged. For some reason the name ETH2 stuck and some people use it to refer to the merge and some people use it (more appropriately) to refer to after the merge when sharding is added amongst other updates like stateless clients.

The PoS merge will not solve the scaling issues. There is a 9% throughput increase, but that will be hardly noticable in day to day. Sharding will solve these issues, but it that isnt coming until around 2023 and layer 2s/rollups will help with this. These are here now.

Rollups and layer 2s side chains (rollups are layer 2s) are meant to be a long term solution. They are here now, but still in their infancy. Once major exchanges start enabling withdrawals on these different layer 2s and smart contracts continue building out their contracts, we should see these explode in use.

So please, if you see people posting that the merge will solve the scaling issues, politely inform them that sharding and layer 2s will do this, not the merge.

If you see people using the term "ETH2," especially if they use it in reference to the merge, politely let them know that ETH2 is an outdated term and we should be using the terms merge or sharding to be more accurate and less confusing to those who aren't aware.

People had a similar misconception that EIP1559 would significantly decrease fees and I want to avoid that for the merge.

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