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I have the pleasure to present you a new token called Saitama X.

Its purpose is to outperform all other existing cryptocurrencies. Saitama X wants to give the community a platform with incentive tokenomics. The Anime NFT collection & partnerships will send Saitama X to the Moon & Beyond.

On supercontinent Earth, powerful monsters and villains have been wreaking havoc in the cities. In response, the millionaire Agoni creates the Hero Association, which employs superheroes to fight evil. Saitama X, hails from City Z and performs heroic deeds as a hobby. He has trained himself to unmatched strength with the point of being able to defeat any enemy with a single punch. Now Saitama X is ready to take it to the next level! The cryptoverse is waiting for Saitama X! In this unforgiven world of dogs & cats coins, Saitama X with his one-punch takes over the cryptoverse, and destroys his enemies

Key points:

Based on the powerful サイタマ (One-Punch Guy) ?

Tokenomics ?

• 1% Redistribution to holders of $SaitaX ?

• 3% Buyback / Liquidity pool ?

• 4% Marketing & partnerships ?

• 4% Development & NFT ?.

SaitamaX Is the latest anime based ERC-20 Token on Ethereum Smart Chain ?

Guys dyor , am not a financial advisor, but this project looks pretty cool.

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