Saint Inu is building the first ever donation crypto platform. Our goal is to be a liaison between charities and crypto currency’s, enabling people to easily and smoothly donate to organisations with whatever currency they accept. Currently very few charities are able to accept crypto, at Saint, our goal is to bridge the gap between the two making it easy for both charities and crypto holders to accept and give donations.

We like to give because #GivingFeelsGood ??

The super cute Inu on a mission to make the world a better place. We reward holders with our token and we support charities globally with ETH.

We are $SAINT Inu and we are here to give everyone a helping hand ?

? $SAINT Inu is building a donation platform for crypto ?

⚡️ If you missed out on FLOKI INU don't miss out on Saint INU

? Just listed on CMC and CoinGecko.

? Fantastic New Website:

? DAPPs, games and future CEXX listings planned for the long term ?

? Full contract audit to be released shortly ?

? LP Locked for 1 Year ?

⚡️ For those who missed out on multi-billion dollar market cap FLOKI INU your being offered a second chance with Saint Inu! Donations to be made regularly by the team.

⚡️ We just made our first charitable donation to, an organization that crowd funds healthcare treatments for people around the world.

? Future development goals will include DAPPs / Games / CEX listings ?

? Website (

? Telegram (

? Twitter (

? Chart (

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