BEP-20 Token (Binance Smart Chain)

$RULE is the foundation of a vast ecosystem based on staking ($RULE -> sRULE) which features multiple projects that synergize with each other, including:

1-RULEPAD, a premium launchpad offering IDO and INO on Ethereum, Ethereum layer2 & EVM-compatible chains. The launchpad is already live and reviewing the first IDO/INO applications. sRULE is required to get allocations to invest in new projects.

2-DREAM GUARDIANS, a P2E MMO inspired by Pokémon, currently under development by a team of 10 experienced game devs and artists. sRULE allows stakers to receive more rewards while playing the in the game, while RULE itself is required to breed new creatures.

3-RULE DAO, taking decisions on all projects in the ecosystem. Voting rights are based on sRULE.

We already started more marketing for reversal chart and using all of our resources to give more hype and for sure life to RULE.

Why You Should Invest?

• Multi-utility -> multiple sources of buy pressure.

• Low market cap.

• Staking pool with 200% APY for early investors only:

• Treasury actively performs buybacks.

• All smart contracts are open source and audited.


Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 $RULE

• Presale: 40%

• Initial Liquidity (PancakeSwap): 22.8%

• Staking Rewards: 10%

• Marketing: 12%

• Treasury: 10%

• CEX Listings: 7.2%

Note: all team supply is locked until June 1, then released with vesting.


Buy 3% / Sell 6%.

1/3 goes to LP, 2/3 go to the Treasury.


Website: (

Launchpad: (


Telegram link is on our website!




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