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A Sustainable Community Driven Project To Help People In Need.

Roar Zilla is a charity-based cryptocurrency. Members of the Roar Zilla ecosystem earn interest from network activity, all while benefitting our charity partnerships to help people in need.

Founded by the community and for the community, we take pride and action in our collective mission.

The earn aspect of Roar Zilla is backed by the imposed 10% fee for all transactions. Half of this fee is redistributed to the community, proportional to the tokens that they hold.

This system incentivizes our community of holders who in turn support Roar Zilla to make it a sustainable movement.The other half is transferred back as liquidity provider tokens to the PancakeSwap Liquidity Pool (LP).

We can make a real impact for the greater good, not just ourselves. By donating to charity, we remind ourselves of our duty to make this world a better place for everyone.

Full Transparency – Open and honest about our plans and operations.

10% transaction fee rewards holders and donates significant sums to charity.

Roar Zilla is the native utility token of the Roar Zillaeco-system and will be used for:

Available in PCS V2 and reannounced ownership and burned lp


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