Revival DeFi ($RVL) - 4 Million Market Cap - BSC GEM that rewards holders with BNB dividends - App and DApp coming soon!

Revival is a BEP-20 Token that gives 11% reflections paid in BNB so you do not have to tap into your RVL holdings to use your reflections!

Use the BNB to buy more RVL, HODL it, or buy something else! To get reflections, the holder must have a minimum of 10 Billion RVL in their wallet.

Every transaction has a 15% tax. 11% is reflected to holders as BNB, 2% is added back into the Liquidity Pool and 2% is added to the RVL development wallet for future development.

When a transaction happens, that tax is retained by the RVL contract. Once per hour the contract checks to see if the set amount of tax has accrued (currently set to 260 billion RVL). If this is true, the contract swaps to BNB and sends out to the LP, Development Wallet and Revival_Dividend_Tracker contract.

Pancakeswap Contract: 0x7eaee60040135f20f508a393ca400ded339d654e


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