We’ve had the not so confidential committee on XRP also known as the XRP Buy Back committee pronounce a ridiculous price of $123K USD per XRP and another price estimate as high as £1700 obtained by applying the current price x on-chain transaction fee ratio with the on-chain transaction fee rising from $0.001 to $1.

These super charged price predictions do not come with any kind of timeline, they are simple enough for anyone to calculate i.e. all the money $5QT/100B XRP and beyond the stupidity of such estimates we have to ask who is promulgating them and why?

A secret buy back committee – really? A TicTok multiplication exercise – really? My two drops is that on the one hand we are seeing a retail squeeze in crypto while on the other we have an organised clique push their own agenda on price. Anyway what do you rotters think?

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