A security token is a one-of-a-kind token that can be purchased on a blockchain that is changing the way of staking realestate. Many companies such as Republic, SafeWire, RealIT, Landshare, and many more have changed the way we as investors can buy property. Have you been holding any such security tokens yourself? I think it is a great way to earn passiveincome and allows a lot more liquidity.

The Best Platforms where housing meets DeFi:

  1. Republic

It is something everyone should give a try, simple to use, and will also provide you with an option to build new projects. Other than property, crypto, video games the options are many.

  1. SafeWire

SafeWire has always been there for the wire fraud situation that we face in the case of purchasing real estate. The blockchain that SafeWire operates on is safe in case of vulnerable transactions.

  1. LandShare

Landshare is soon to launch their Tokenized Asset sale which will in fact be the primary public real estate Security Token Offering to take place on Binance Smart Chain. This feature will allow users to take ownership of real property, an asset generating yields denoted by a token stored in your BSC wallet!

The ins and outs of an Land STO and Real Estate Union

Are you new to this concept and still wondering how an STO really works when it comes to property?

Then here are some points that will clarify this for you:

  1. The Working of Asset Tokenization

The real-world asset is held by the company or whosoever is the entity and its shares of ownership

are represented by tokens that can be bought by fiat money. By acquiring these tokens, you will become the owner of that property.

2) Purchasing the Asset Tokens

These tokens can be purchased either from the official website of the company or from online exchanges such as Binance, there is a KYC process that needs to be completed first to go forth with your purchase. These tokens can be purchased by a combination of some percentage of fiat money and cryptos.

3) Distribution of Rental Yields

The net rental yields coming from the real estate are dispersed among all the token holders every month according to their token holdings. This will help investors get massive rewards every month through the realestate in their wallets.

Although there have been many blockchain companies that offer housing in form of tokens like SafeWire, Vairt, RealT, PropertyClub, ManageGo, etc, Landshare becomes the first one to launch it on the Binance chain. It will have a massive impact on how assent tokenization is viewed. I personally feel that it is easy and safe to hold real estate.

Do you think it is a better way to hold real-world assets or should we go with the traditional method only?

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