I bought an NFT a while ago (before the latest Eth merge if that matters at all). I sort of forgot about it and let it be. I recently tried to put it up for sale again since the listing was expired. But this time, despite me owning it and it being minted on the blockchain, my meta mask wallet is asking for a small gas fee to approve a contract now. It also comes with the warning of:

***You’re granting access to all the NFTs on this contract, including any you might own in the future. The party on the other end can transfer NFTs from your wallet at any time without asking you until you revoke this approval. Proceed with caution. ***

This has me nervous since having a third party at the other end has complete control. What am I missing here?


Contract: 0x1E0049783F008A0085193E00003D00cd54003c71

Also, a “new” address: 0x00000000006c3852cbEf3e08E8dF289169EdE581

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