What is PulseBomber ? ?

Sustainability and longevity are the biggest focus of PulseBomber , holding this token will grant you high rewards . you probably think: Most projects reward their holders bla bla bla << (thats what i thought at first)

**What makes PulseBomber unique?**?

The Pulse Bomber Miner aims to be a source of passive income to their community so that they can make money while sleeping. Rn users are getting paid a daily amount of 10% as an average on deposits. Not only that, when you share your referral code you will gain 10% of the value for every deposit that is made.

Lets discuss the pumpamentals ⚡️

-PulseBomber currently has 150k$ marketing funds ?

-MC is 350k$ while the marketing funds are 150k$ !!! ?

-Just hired one of the leading BSC marketing agencies "Coinpresso" ?

-SEO and organic marketing going and its showing on the chart ?

Tokenomics ⚡️

-1% marketing ?

-2% RFI ?

-10% buybacks ?

Reasons to pump?

Great and active team, awesome utility, great marketing budget and low market cap with tokenomics designed for big pumps.


Telegram https://t.me/PulseBomber

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