🐻🌙Pugsy Malone -$PUGSY🐻🌙

🐻$PUGSY is a decentralised digital currency and newest member of the dog meme family – THE FIRST & ONLY PUG!

What does Pugsy do?

Pugsy Malone is a digital and decentralised cryptocurrency that offers an alternative to mainstream invesment which is manipulated heavily by the hedge funds and other institutions.

We also provide a safe space that believes in promoting open discussion and a positive environment to support the mental health of our community.

You will receive a passive income in the form of BUSD rewards whilst holding Pugsy, be eligible to get early access to all of our on chain innovations and receive exlcusive membership to certain Pugsy products.

The Pugsy Poker platform will provide entertainment and more opportunities for poker fans/investors to win cash prizes only available to the Pugsy community.

20% of these funds will be locked and sent directly into Pugsy Malone Liquidity and the remaining 80% will be given to startup organisations in the tech industry that are attempting to revolutionise aspects of climate change technology, clean energy, tech innovation and public space agencies.

The cross chain NFT marketplace will be designed using a more open brand that will attract a wide variety of investors and artists alike, seeking a user friendly and more importantly universal solution to their requirements. The platform will be sponsored by Pugsy and act as a separate entity, apart from a sponsorship page featuring a explorer link and information regarding Pugsy.

Pugsy Malone is also a firm believer in providing platforms for artists, service providers and talented individuals. Part of the project development funds will be used to sponsor new and innovative work on the blockchain, we believe in supporting those who have supported us, rather than an eye for eye.

💸BUSD passive income 👀 🥷 Super Stealth Launch 🥷 ✅ Verified Contract ✅ 🔐 LP Locked for 6 months🔐 🔈 Supply 100,000,000,000 🔈 💰 Buy/Sell Tax 13% 💰 💲 BUSD Rewards 4% 💲 💵 Liquidity 4% 💵 💸 Marketing 3% 💸 💹 Project development 2% 💹 🔒 6 month liquidity lock 🔒

👁You can now view your $PUGSY balance in real time at the click of a button here – https://pugsymalone.s00n.team/

📊Liquidity lock: https://www.team.finance/view-coin/0x1ec4534e7D66411Db6b606583dd7630c729ab97B?name=Pugsy%20Malone&symbol=$PUGSY 🥞Buy on Pancakeswap: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x1ec4534e7d66411db6b606583dd7630c729ab97b 📑CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0x1ec4534e7d66411db6b606583dd7630c729ab97b 🐥Twitter: http://twitter.com/PugsyMaloneBSC?t=sw2OKccRw7X2Wle6-E4RXA&s=09 in

📲Telegram: @PugsyMalone

🌐Website: www.pugsymalone.com

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