Ever since the leaked code from Gamestop Github came above water people responded really bullish!

Today Gamestop's wallet adress has been found on the code from the nft.gamestop webpage.

And there you can see some test transactions! This makes me super bullish!

GME'S account on the Loopring explorer, gamestops wallet adress on etherscan is; 0x13374200c29C757FDCc72F15Da98fb94f286d71e

And then you see https://explorer.loopring.io/account/33526
Edit: You can't link to the explorer result page you have to go to https://explorer.loopring.io and paste the code 33526 (Thanks for f3361eb076bea to mention this in the comments here)

Like this you can finally see they did some test transactions! Showing the project is nearly completed and an official announcement will follow soon!!!

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