AltLayer contributes to the scalability of the Prom testnet in several key ways. 1. Disposable Execution Layer: AltLayer provides a hyper-scalable and disposable execution layer that operates similarly to optimistic rollups. This architecture allows for the creation of individual optimistic rollups tailored to specific applications, enabling efficient and customized processing of transactions on the Prom testnet. 2. Flash Layering Technology: AltLayer introduces flash layering, a concept that enables the instantiation of an execution layer at any time by dApp developers to meet sudden spikes in demand. This plug-and-play solution, known as FlashLayer, ensures that resources are efficiently utilized and freed up when no longer needed, optimizing the overall scalability of the network. 3. Modular Design with Multi-VM Support: AltLayer’s modular design supports multiple virtual machines, including EVM and WASM, offering flexibility and compatibility with various blockchain networks. This design choice enhances interoperability and scalability by catering to different runtime environments and developer preferences

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