PrivateAI, a revolutionary decentralized platform that empowers users to securely monetize their data while prioritizing their privacy. Operating on a cutting-edge knowledge graph system, PrivateAI offers intuitive visual representations of complex data, facilitating seamless exploration and discovery. At the forefront of Artificial Intelligence and decentralized science (DeSci), PrivateAI provides a secure space for data owners and producers to upload, exhibit, and monetize their datasets, functioning as a Peer-to-Peer Data-as-a-Service (P2P DaaS) network. With a team comprised of former co-founders and executives from prominent blockchain entities like Fantom, Syscoin, Dogecoin, and SingularityNET, PrivateAI is poised to redefine the intersection of AI and privacy.

Centralized data storage has long been a concern for traditional AI models, prompting privacy issues. PrivateAI addresses this challenge by employing federated learning and advanced cryptographic techniques, ensuring the protection of user data during AI model training. Our vision is to democratize AI access without compromising individual privacy, fostering innovation within a secure and decentralized environment. Key features of PrivateAI include the ability to monetize data through our marketplace, privacy-centric design with strict access controls and minimal data retention, and utilization of Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) for unparalleled data security.

PrivateAI operates as a decentralized platform, leveraging Confidential Machine Learning (ConfML) and Tendermint-based consensus for secure data handling and node consensus. Our knowledge graphs provide users with visual representations of intricate data, enabling exploration and revealing connections between various concepts. Additionally, PrivateAI offers a data marketplace where users can seamlessly buy and sell proprietary data, promoting data exchange and collaboration within the community. Supported by investors such as J-VENTURES, Samara Asset Group, Merkle Tree Capital, Lunar Digital Assets, and strategic partnerships with organizations like DAO Invest, Coindar, SingularityDAO, and Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub, PrivateAI is poised for exponential growth.

The PGPT token serves as the currency within the PrivateAI ecosystem, facilitating transactions and incentivizing data contribution. With PGPT, users can purchase data and earn rewards by contributing their datasets to community-sourced knowledge graphs. Recently listed on Bitget Exchange, PrivateAI’s PGPT token is the gateway to a thriving ecosystem. To celebrate the listing, Bitget is hosting a Candybomb event, offering participants the chance to grab a share of a $42,000 worth of PGPT prize pool. Additionally, Bitget is hosting a giveaway event where 1,000 qualified users will be randomly selected to win $30 worth of PGPT each!

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