What is Presale World?

Searching for presales can be a daunting task. Where do you start? What platforms exist? Why can’t I actually find the best presales when I’m on a platform?

Never fear, Presale World is here! Our carefully designed platform provides investors with the tools to easily search, order and view presales from the biggest launchpads in the crypto space. Currently those launchpads include PinkSale, DxSale, Unicrypt, GemPad, CookieSale, PresaleWorld, with many more to come.

And that’s just where the tech gets started; you can also generate your own token, lock your tokens safely or use our revolutionary launchpad with features such as the pool protection pot where investors are able to claim back a percentage of their initial investment in the event of a scam.

But why $PRESALE?

It’s common for a platform to have an associated token that has little to no utility and eventually falls by the wayside. We didn’t want $PRESALE to fall into this category but instead wanted investors to feel like it could perform independently and most importantly boom when the platform itself is performing well.

This is why we decided to buy into $PRESALE with 1% of everything raised on the platform. This breaks the convention of the “standard” buy-back tokens, which have a false economy due them accumulating tokens on the contract, selling them to BNB/ETH and then buying back said tokens with BNB/ETH. As you can see there is no net gain to the standard approach. The $PRESALE approach is conceptually different as the tokens get bought from external investments thus only having a positive price impact during the lifecycle of the buy.

For reference, the amount raised by launchpads combined in a single month is approximately $25 million USD. Using those numbers for PresaleWorld would mean there would be $250k USD worth of buys… every… month.

Buy backs from raised funds aren’t the only thing, we are keeping the tax to a minimum (4%) on buys and sells. We don’t want to deter any traders or large centralized exchanges from listing us in the near future.

What’s next?

Great concept? It’s not just a concept, we are not another promises and maybes project, everything mentioned above has already been painstakingly designed and developed over the past 12 months and is now live! Be sure to check out https://presale.world now!

We’ve developed a lot already but we feel we’re only just getting started on the roadmap of Presale.World. Expect lots to come from high profile marketing campaigns and exchange listings to large scale development projects to widen the reach of Presale.World 100 fold.

For more information about the platform and token please be sure to check out the docs: https://docs.presale.world/everything-presaleworld/about-us

Telegram: @ PresaleWorldPortal

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