YeeHaw is a Hybrid DeFi (SPL-404) project on Solana, bringing NFT and Memecoin communities together.


What is the YeeHaw, and what makes it unique?

YeeHaw is a Hybrid DeFi (SPL-404) project on Solana, bringing together the NFT and Memecoin communities. Furthermore, we’re enhancing our meme-vibes project with a crypto gaming platform that will distinguish us from other SPL-404 projects lacking utility.

What is Hybrid DeFi?

Hybrid DeFi is the concept of combining NFTs and tokens together under a shared tokenomics structure. It is also referred to as NFT + token, or as hybrids.

What is SPL-404?

SPL-404 is a new Hybrid DeFi protocol on Solana that revolutionizes NFTs by adding a new layer of liquidity, distribution, and gamification.

What are the benefits of Hybrid DeFi?

  • YeeHaw NFTs will be more liquid, given the ease of entry and higher volume on the token side.
  • We aim to appeal to a much larger and broader audience, particularly those interested in memecoins.
  • We intend to reduce the barriers to entry for our project.
  • This will allow YeeHaw NFTs to be tradable on both DEXs and NFT marketplaces.

Presale is coming this week. You may want to check this one. Opinions are my own.

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