I’ve been in the crypto space for a little while now and have been exploring memecoins.

Currently, it’s a minefield of coin after coin. There are so many cats and dogs, with or without hats popping up every single day.

I’ve had a very positive experience with POWSCHE, it’s just under 3 months old, so it’s stood the test of time in this fast-paced memecoin world we live in. The holders have so much conviction that they didn’t sell when some of them had near to $3.5 Million in their wallets. I can understand why they have so much conviction, which I am going to go into so you can have the full picture.

So what makes POWSCHE Different? (In no particular order)

POWSCHE podcast – The podcast is informative and it gives you a sense of what POWSCH and the community want to achieve, it’s available on Spotify and YouTube.

Twitter Spaces – Launched recently, the plan is for the Dev (Mr Powsche) to go live on Twitter Spaces, he’s there to chat about up-and-coming plans and field any questions from the community, he always available in the Telegram group, sometimes around the clock!

Porsche lottery giveaway – By just buying POWSCHE and holding you are in with a chance to win an actual Porsche, which is a fantastic way to give back to the holders.

POWSCHE referral programme – POWSCHE has developed a referral programme to earn POWSCHE from everyone you refer with your referrer link. This way of thinking is innovative and exactly what this memecoin space needs.

Leadership team – the POWSCHE team has set up specific areas and teams that concentrate on marketing, strategy, sales etc, this is unheard off in this space, they are running POWSCHE like a business.

Experts – POWSCHE has industry-leading experts on the team, whether it’s in cryptocurrency, investing, or marketing, the team is top tier, which really makes you confident that the right team is in place and will guarantee the success of this coin.

Tesla and Lambo burns – These are planned at various milestones and they are going to be streamed live on Kick for the world to see, I would imagine this is going to generate millions of views bringing a lot of new investors into the space.

Tesla giveaway to a single mother – This is a fantastic way to give back to the community in-real life.

Community Engagement – I’ve not seen a community like this, well maybe the early GME days when there was a positive outlook and vibe, this is exactly what you’re getting here, join the Telegram and see for yourself.

Strong Roadmap – With clear goals and innovative plans, POWSCHE is always thinking ahead, it’s good to see an actual roadmap for once, there are too many coins not willing to put the effort into this.

Luxury Branding – Just like Porsche, owning POWSCHE is a statement of style and class, it’s an aspirational brand, highly recognisable, and makes you proud to be part of the POWSCHE movement.

So how does POWSCHE compare to other Memecoins?

Well, after reading all of the above, how do you think it compares to other memecoins?

For me it’s clear, POWSCHE stands out more than any other memecoin out there, it’s category-defining, first to the market and the team is full of experts with a clear vision and strategy. It’s not a pump and dump, I can guarantee that,

DYOR – Don’t just take my word for it, join the community, check the vibe and only when you’re comfortable, then invest a couple (or more) Solana. Then you just need to hold, sit back and relax as you know Mr Powsche is here to stay and won’t have magically disappeared overnight like a lot of these coins.

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