🚀Welcome to PirateMoon✌️

🌟Website: https://www.piratemoon.org 🌟Telegram: https://t.me/PirateMoonBsc

🌟Introduction: PirateMoon is a Multiplayer Game that will be published on 28th of November 👉🏻 Buy your Character as an NFT and start fighting against other Holders!

🌟First NFT‘s (Princess, Joe the Dragon and Valkyrie) will be sold on 26th of November. You will buy your character as an egg and on 28th of November you will know which character you got. There will be more characters on 29th of November, 5 more will be released with different attributes.

🌟The 1st Presale will start on 8th of November at around 9PM UTC With a Maximum Contribution of 100BNB, Make sure to be there

🌟 The Maximum Buy will be 5 BNB for the Presale, a link for the Presale will be Posted in this telegram group and an overview is on the Website.

🌟If you want to learn more about PirateMoon and if you would like to know who‘s the Team behind it then check out the website!

🌟How will you get your NFT/Character?

👉🏻You can purchase the NFT/Character with BNB or PirateMoon Tokens. The market will start on 26th of November at the NFT Section on the Website/ Or when you buy PirateMoon Tokens at this Date you will automatically get it.

👉🏻When you hold the required amount of BNB/PirateMoon Tokens just connect your wallet on 28th of November with the PirateMoon application and then you will be able to use your NFT and you will be able to start Playing with it in the application. If you bought tokens early then your chance is high to get a NFT guaranteed.

🌟 Without a NFT you can‘t participate in the multiplayer game section of PirateMoon -> buy playing the Game you can get rewards in BNB for every win you make.

One Character as an example:

🌟Valkyrie NFT

👉🏻Total Items: 10

👉🏻Price: 1BNB

👉🏻Description: I dont think to long, I'm fast and strong and in hand-to-hand combat no one can beat me. I have two golden swords that will kill the opponents!


Strength: 99/100 Stamina: 57/100 Intelligence: 75/100

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