People can now buy Bitcoin at over 52,000 retail outlets across Colombia through Azteco BTC vouchers

Azteco offers a unique way to buy Bitcoin worldwide with a focus on making it easier for unbanked populations to use the digital money. Users either buy an Azteco voucher online or at a local, brick-and-mortar store, which they can then redeem for Bitcoin. The model works similar to buying a gift card or a mobile phone top-up.

Since users don’t have to go through an exchange to purchase Bitcoin in their native currency, this method provides users more flexibility and has come to be known in Bitcoin circles as a project with the potential to help bank the unbanked.

Investors include Lightning Ventures, Hivemind Ventures, Ride Wave Ventures, Aleka Capital, Visary Capital, Jack Dorsey and Sunil Rajaraman

“More than two billion people worldwide lack access to any financial services, facing significant challenges managing, storing, and transferring money and accessing credit,” Azteco founder and CEO Alexander “Akin” Fernandez told Decrypt. “These individuals, many living in countries with untrustworthy and volatile economies, need alternative, independent solutions that provide financial inclusion and long-term stability.”

Users can purchase vouchers in 195 countries.

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