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PDFI – Goals for 2022 Prophecy DeFi’s primary goal for 2022 is to expand on what we have been doing since we acquired our initial ownership position in Layer2 Blockchain on July 9th, 2021. The Layer2 team has excelled at the art of “Liquidity Mining”. Through careful evaluation of compelling decentralized protocols revolutionizing the financial services sector, the Layer2 team deploys capital and provides liquidity to these decentralized exchanges and in return collects revenues in the form of fees for pooling our crypto assets. Access to the best opportunities come from our network of highly respected Advisors, industry connections and reputation as skilled operators. As Layer2 continues to generate profits from their trading positions, they will either re-invest in new opportunities or increase their exposure in existing positions. This compounding effect allows the company to grow its asset base quickly and provides even greater opportunities to realize absolute returns. As a company we are laser focused on producing results. Real returns will drive shareholder value. As an organization we will continue to seek opportunities to acquire fast growing, profitable businesses in the DeFi space that will complement and enhance our core business. Specifically, companies that further our objective of increasing shareholder returns. This is a dynamic market that is full of talented entrepreneurs at the early stages of creating an entirely new industry. Prophecy DeFi's Board and Management have deep expertise and experience in finance, M&A and raising growth capital, which is perfectly suited to this market dynamic. Through the strong combination of People, Partnerships and Profits, Prophecy DeFi will become a “Must Own” stock for investors seeking exposure to the explosive growth of Decentralized Finance.

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