6 months ago I was banned from paypal and they ban my 1.5k there for 6 months.

now i try to log in they ask

email verficiation i have

card i dont have

they ask me my full card numbers which is old 6 months ago i dont have it.this not make sense to me.only when i request bank transfer they started to ask weird things in order not to pay.

I call the scammers and they told me you can provide bank account details instead.i provided it and they fully verified.

after he told me to wait few minutes to approve it and remove your 4 digits card verifcation.

after few minutes waiting he told me that i must provide full card verfication if not i cannot withdraw my money.

fucking scammers. i told them i can provide you video, selfie, passport etc proving its me and they dont hear ya.

I also provided them with the email, name, phone, bank accunt number etc.

they scam exactly like ftx millions of paypals accounts without reasons and use the money for real estate.

i tell you this company is shit. they worse than this guy from ftx.

Few years from now I believe bitcoin will overtake Paypal in payments online. And they will become irrelevant.

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