Pawthereum is a recently launched community-oriented cryptocurrency project focused on helping our furry friends in need.


The burning of the tokens happened exactly at the time of 11 am UTC 10.22.2021. 142 million (142 000 000) tokens were sent to a burn wallet (0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead). That’s 14.2% of the total supply!

Here is the Transaction hash:

TOKENOMICS: ✅ Pawthereum ($PAWTH) ⭐️ Total supply: 1,000,000,000 ?32 million market cap ? Over 1200 holders ? Listed on Uniswap, Shibaswap and BigONE ? Liquidity locked ? Etherscan ? 4% TX fee split between holders and the charity wallet ? The Core Team of doxxed members! ? Friendly Community ? Whitepaper “PawPaper” ❤️ Over $82,000 donated to 10 different shelters (verified by transactions and confirmations by the shelters) ? PRESS RELEASE about the Pawthereum LAUNCH:

“We aim to become a leading disruptor of charitable inclusion by utilizing blockchain technology to obtain funding, bypass the middleman, and donate directly to smaller animal shelters around the world who need assistance" — Pawthereum Leader, Nawzad Amiri






Exchanges: Uniswap Shibaswap BigONE

Contract address: 0xaecc217a749c2405b5ebc9857a16d58bdc1c367f

Pawthereum Socials:

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