Most of us know the power of Elon Musk in the crypto world now, specifically in the meme coin sector. He is the main reason behind the huge DOGE and SHIB pumps to over 60 billion which sparked the whole meme coin sector in crypto which has been crazy ever since, with certain meme coins running to the hundreds of millions even in the bear market.

About Optimus!

Optimus AI is a decentralized currency made on the day of birth of the official Optimus Twitter . We honor the pioneering step for humanity to streamline and guide innovation in the field of robotics and technology. Our project is a standalone entity that is not directly affiliated with the official bot, at this time.

A cryptocurrency project made to support and honor Elon Musk’s newest robot friend, Optimus.


– It is less than 6 weeks old and only listed on Uniswap so far, expect this to be listed on several exchanges shortly.

– Just listed on Coingecko and Coinmarketcap . A sign of how early we are.

– There is only 3200+ holders with 27M+ (for comparison, Floki has 500,000 on dexs and even more on CEXs and SHIB has over 2 million)

– Bitget one of the top 10 Excahnges listed and Mexc listing soon

DYOR as I’m not a financial advisor !


Telegram: Optimus_AI


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