As I remember during the beginning of this bear market there was quite some depressive state going on here as many wanted to leave the markets. But there was one consideration that instead of abandoning Crypto, we should try to learn some Crypto-related skills in the mean time until a bull market to further expand our knowledge. This was also called BUIDL by many.

Which is a very amazing concept as mostly in the bull markets we get way too distracted by prices etc ( not that we currently are not) and don’t have the time to actually learn the technology or fundamentals behind Crypto itself. And this is not just for the people that say they are “in for the tech” but for everyone as with a new asset-class like Crypto a lot of new technologies are coming too, especially in the programming world, which are very exciting.

So, let’s share all those skills that we could learn over that period and don’t be mad if you did not learn anything yet, you probably still have time left and it’s is literally never (!) late to learn more.

I will start here: During the beginning I had quite a lot of plans but little time, those included mostly to learn some coding in Crypto. I think programming languages like Rust are very important for that but before that I also wanted to learn some Data Science in relation to Crypto data which I was always very interested in. So I learned the programming language R and now even SQL, meanwhile even made my own amateur predictive model. Yet there is so much left to learn…

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