The Rebasing Way

Rebasing is basically a stable coin function that will adjust the total circulation supply in order to keep the price of the coin stable, and in Obsidians case, rising! The green charts will attract new investors as it will create major fomo, and as rebases happen it gives opportunity to get in at presale prices! Obsidian will be the FIRST rebase multi utility token with devilish low buy and sell tax, angelic tokenomics, and demonic NFT’s. Staking, Farming, static reflections and rebase? Yes Please! Join us and choose your side, Good or Evil, Heaven or Hell, Angel or Demon? Personally I like it hot! Don’t miss our Launch on Dxsale this week, and join us on telegram for more details, oh did I mention the dev is Oni Dev Yasuke!

Obsidianomics: * Buy & Sell Transaction Fees 7% * Super Saturdays (5% Transaction Fees) * Auto Liquidity * Manual Rebasing * Buy Backs * Token Burns Join us for presale in 4 hours!!

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