Xxxnifty – N$FW token

Super bullish about this news , news had 3 GREAT announcements in 1

Check out the official TG, to see where all the fuzz is about :

1️⃣ Team just announced 2 Top 10 Exchanges on the way!!

2️⃣ Launch of Alpha release of, xxxNifty's Adult Social Platform. (OnlyFans Social Like Platform, but way Better)

3️⃣ They added a new teammembers to the core team With lots of experience

✔️ Largest NFT marketplace in their space

✔️700 Adult NFTs on their Marketplace

✔️100+ creators on the platform to date (no matter of gender anymore!) Adding more daily

✔️500+ NFT sales. Over 200 1of1's

✔️ They launched the NFT marketplace i April 2021 and the token in may 2021 So the project is really moving forward and the devs are working. Full time on this project

✔️8 partnerships w/Agencies

✔️8 Brand Ambassadors, with Amouranth and NOFACEGIRL They have a huge social media followings , combined over 20 Million following

✔️Deflationary Tokenomics benefit holders

✔️Daily NFT sales

✔️$8 million MC, 2 working platforms utilizing the utility of their native [NSFW] token

1 : XXXnifty – NFT marketplace 2: Pleasurely- Social platform

✔️XXXNIFTY is a registered business, meaning devs and team are all doxxed ✔️TechRate Audit approved

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