NFTs are typically built on the Ethereum network, according to NFT statistics, whereas other non-fungible tokens use various blockchains or are built on unique NFT platforms.

The Financial Times and Chainalysis estimate that approximately 360,000 NFT owners own approximately $2.7 million in NFTs.

Have you heard about the most recent NFT study, which predicts an $800 billion NFT industry in the next two years? Do you believe it’s possible?

Given the popularity of NFTs in games and the fact that there are as many games as there are NFT projects and platforms, we shouldn’t be surprised if the number is much higher.

They are a fantastic tool because they can be anything from paintings, sculptures, or graffiti (you’ve probably heard that some graffiti become NFTs because no one can repaint them) to lotteries (such as the one announced by BillionAir).

I’m not sure how some people think NFTs are just a fad when games are built with them as the main assets, digital artists finally have a powerful money-making tool in their hands, celebrities, and powerful people are crazy about them, and they’re an even greater cause, and there are plenty of good things that NFT can provide to other people because it’s been used in humanitarian causes as well.

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