Nexus Crypto Services, your partner in DEFI are building an innovative eco-system of dApps and services aimed at empowering the end user.

Recent Updates Include

  • Partnership with DOGE PUNK NFTS
  • Nexus Token staking LIVE!!! No Fees!!
  • Continuous upgrades to all the dapps.
  • Partnered with "Steven Clarke".
  • Certik AMA TBC
  • Listed on FIBSWAP


Usability – Customer centric apps will help make crypto easier to interact with, thus raising the rate of adoption and making the space safer.

Education – Crypto is ever changing landscape that's hard to keep up with. Having a trusted resource for structured education is invaluable.

Decentralised – The disrupting nature of decentralisation is empowering an economic revolution; We hold it as a primary tenet, but not gospel.

Community Driven – Nothing is more important than who you surround yourself with. Our company ethos is driven by a need for a stable and long term community.

The Eco-System

  • Nexus Folio – Nexus Folio is a multi-wallet cross-chain portfolio tracker with a focus on beautiful UX – discover, trade and track tokens with ease.
  • Nexus EDU Platform – Learn how to trade crypto, become a blockchain consultant, or just learn more because you can with our socially driven, gamified crypto eduction platform.
  • NFT Utilities – We've formed strategic partnerships with a suite of consumer NFT brands; be on the lookout for more information.
  • Labs – At NCS we're always brainstorming about how we can empower people in our decentralised future.


Total Supply: 10,000,000

Tax: 5% buy/sell

  • 3% to Marketing
  • 2% for Super Nova







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