So first, back in may I had bought… around 4B yooshi for 150$ circa.. I sold almost everything a few weeks later without any gain and now I only got around 100Million Yooshi. I've just opened them back with great surprise about their value and I saw that yooshi's site is changed a lot, with impressive improvements and it's now totally great. So basically I haven't ever bought or owned an NFT and I've just seen that yooshi's nft are so nice and interesting, I'd like to ask you how does this thing work. How could I own one without direct action/buying (I understood this basic 2 section but I then saw for example "Mining", "nft BOX", "mint" sections but I wasn't able to do anything, honestly I think I haven't understand how these site section work and how to use them. (At the moment I only like yooshi family nfts). Thanks for your help.

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