Hey there, crypto enthusiasts! Today, let’s embark on a thrilling journey into the realm of Negative Tax (NETA) and explore the wonders of our unique contract and revolutionary NETASWAP platform.

Negative Tax (NETA): �

NETA isn’t just your average token; it’s a groundbreaking innovation in the world of Base Chain. What sets NETA apart is its negative tax mechanism, designed to incentivize investors not only to buy but also to hold onto their tokens. Imagine getting rewarded for holding onto your investments – that’s the magic of NETA!


Now, let’s talk about NETASWAP – the cross-chain aggregator swap that simplifies token bridging and swapping on Base Chain. With NETASWAP, you can experience seamless cross-chain transactions, optimal trading rates, and top-notch security and trust. This platform isn’t just about transactions; it’s about creating a user-centric space that prioritizes your trading experience.

How the contract works: �

When you buy NETA tokens, you’ll encounter a 5% buy tax. But here’s the twist – 10.5% of your total buy gets refunded back to you in tokens! Selling? You’ll face a 5% tax. The beauty of this system is that the roundtrip tax can actually result in a 0.225% profit if the price remains stable. Yes, you read that right – a negative tax token that rewards you for your transactions!

Tax Breakdown: �

3% of the buy and sell tax is allocated for ETH rewards, automatically distributed to holders every hour. Another 2% goes towards expenses, ensuring the platform runs smoothly and efficiently.

The Future Ahead: �

As we look towards the future, our roadmap is filled with exciting milestones. From establishing a solid foundation to expanding our reach and integrating new technologies, we’re committed to innovation and growth. Our goal is to create a platform that not only meets but exceeds your expectations, offering you the best trading experience possible.

Join Us: �

Are you ready to be a part of something truly revolutionary? Join us on this incredible journey as we redefine the world of crypto trading. Together, we can shape the future of finance and create a community that thrives on innovation, trust, and transparency.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of Negative Tax (NETA) and experience the future of smart contracts like never before. Let’s make history together!

Stay tuned for more updates, and remember – the future is bright with NETA by your side. See you on the other side of innovation! 🚀🌟


Linktree : https://linktr.ee/NEGATIVETAX

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