Let’s be honest guys, lots of us on this sub are rarely to accomplish life changing gains like those who got into coins early enough to get 100x+ returns.

Yet, craze and potential in this market is even higher than ever, and there has been a number of high yield opportunities this year as well.

For me, Defi was the thing this year. I enjoyed ~80% APY of pancakeswap farms and managed to get in early to super high APY protocols like Wonderland and OlympusDao (They still give out APY of 72,000%).

Aside from high yields, concept of decentralizing the finance seemed like a near future. So, I decided to quit my job and started developing Defi services myself.

To launch a successful project, I need help from the community.

Poll below is features that i am developing right now, yet I want to know your preference as a Defi user. Would you join the poll or leave a comment for feature suggestion?

You scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours.
For random 5 poll participants or comments, I will contact you personally and send 1 BNB.

So, what’s your problem as Defi user that I could help?

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