Last month I decided I would delete my phone game apps and spend my time on reddit and participate in the community.

My stats for the month for this sub:

1.Time in reddit app: 37 hours (not all spent on this sub) 2. Posts made: 3 posts

  1. Post up votes: 59

  2. Post comments: 281 comments

  3. Comments I made per day: 20 to 40

Moons earned: 1200(rounded)

So lets break it down.

1200 moons at a value of $0.085 is $102 for the month

I spent 37 hours so 102/37= $2.75 per hour.

Am I rich? No. But I had a fun month, read more about crypto than I have before, and who didn’t enjoy the January pump/bull trap/bull run/ who knows what it is?


Edit: i didnt think to screen shot karma starting this experiment. But i was around 10k to start so id say i gained 1k karma

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