Hello everyone and welcome to Moon Week for round 19 of Moons!

Moon Week began yesterday with the snapshot post by the admins. Check out the post and comments to see how many moons you'll be getting next Wednesday at the end of Moon Week.

To give exposure to our governance polls for the month, this Moon Week post will remain pinned to the top of the subreddit until the distribution post next Wednesday. Please review the following important information and frequently asked questions first. Each month we have dozens of questions about these things even though they are answered right here:

  • If you can't see polls or vote, or have any other issue, try again later or from a different platform (different browser, app, mobile, or desktop). These glitches usually resolve themselves within a few hours, but let us know if it hasn't after a day or two.
  • You can't change your vote so make sure you read the full post and discussions, and ask any questions you have before you vote. There are people wishing they voted differently every month and you have several days to vote so there is no need to rush it.
  • You get a 5% bonus for voting in at least 1 poll, plus an additional 1.25% for each additional approved governance poll due to CCIP-014
  • You will also get a special badge for a week after voting in a governance poll. These are visible in the reddit app and new.reddit on desktop. If you have voted and yours is not showing, you may need to enable it manually by clicking your badges and looking at the Achievements tab.
  • Successful polls are implemented whenever the mods or admins have a chance to do it. Usually this is within days or weeks of the poll passing, but depends on workload, priorities, and complexity of implementation

Finally, here are your polls for round 19 of Moons. Each poll has been given a designated CCIP number, as per CCIP-017 last month. You can now view the full CCIP list here.

And this month we have a bonus non-governance poll for users to express their preferences on which features the admins should prioritize implementing:

For more information about Moons, please see our wiki page here.

Happy voting!

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