Mochiswap is back with high APR farms!

As you may noticed (or not) recently refreshed its BSC farms, high multiplier rewards are back, and there is even small additional twist – you can farm using Shiba, the Doge killer.

Mochiswap is Cross Chain Dex with currently 2 bases with farms on BSC and Harmony ONE blockchains. It also means interesting cross chain arbitrage (super cheap fees compared to ETH)

Mochiswap is trusted "old farm" which is around since February, treasury with multisig, and DEVs known directly to Harmony One blockchain leadership.

Currently BSC farms are running on x25 multiplier, same as when farm started in February.

Example of returns below (been running like this for a week, current bMochi price $0.013):

All % can be confirmed with vfat:

(APR shown on farms is currently incorrect, UI bug, work in progress)

Farms can be found here – please remember to use vfat for correct APR calculations.

We expect high multipliers to stay with us for few weeks, then Harmony ONE farms will be refreshed: – again with high APR & multiplier.

And as Mochiswap is cross chain dex – you can simply bridge your earnings from one chain to another and keep farming…


Mochiswap is also creator of first deflationary token on Harmony ONE chain – ONEMOON, which was implemented directly into DEX ecosystem – it burns farmed hMochi on Harmony One farms, keeping supply low.

More here:

More information about whole ecosystem can be found here:






In case you are still farming on old BSC farms – please unstake old mochi, and replace it with 1:1 migration tool here:

Old farms can be found here:

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