You might be thinking – Didn’t I just see a post on here about Fofar? Yes, but that was from the other Fofar (0x71), whose Twitter was just suspended for stealing original art from Fofar 0x_420 and passing it off as their own. Let me explain.

FOFAR is the last Boy’s Club character from the comics by the legendary Matt Furie. You likely know the other main characters: Pepe, Andy, Wolf, Birddog, and Brett.

FOFAR 0x_420 was launched 2 months ago and sits at $7M MC with 3100 holders. FOFAR 0x_420 has multiple unpaid callouts from respected chart analysts like Tech Dev. It’s a community coin (devs are out, no VCs, contract renounced) and has a fair distribution after ranging for weeks at the start. Plus, the team churns out top video and meme content like they don’t sleep.

They release quality art multiple times a day, including a new series of hilarious animated movies (check them out at @ Fofar_ERC on Twitter). Ponke started turning memes into movies, and Fofar is pushing it to a whole new level. They got 60k views on their first movie, and the second released yesterday is already at 45k views.

FOFAR 0x_420 is entirely organically grown – no paid shills, no paid trending, no ads. Just 2 months of diamond holding and organic growth. The chart is holding market structure and has a steady trajectory ready for a parabolic run. The potential here is HUGE with Pepe at 5B MC, Brett at 1.6B MC, etc for the other boy’s club coins.

Now… let’s move onto the scammer Fofar-0x71.

Fofar-0x71 was launched 11 days ago and has 800 holders. 26% is held by the top 10 holders – a skewed distribution. They have been suspended on Twitter for taking original art + content from FOFAR 0x_420 and passing it off as their own, claiming to be the “real” Fofar. (See suspended twitter at @ FofarEth0x71). Their Telegram is currently under review for repeated use of slurs, derogatory words, and verbal abuse towards community members.

Curious about the CA narrative? Let me explain.

  1. Yes, the other FOFAR-0x71 has a CA that lines up with the Boy’s Club projects of Pepe (0x69), Wolf (0x67), and Andy (0x68).
  2. HOWEVER, Brett (1.59B mc) has a CA of 0x42. The largest Birddog (17M mc) has a CA of 0xF6.
  3. The narrative that the boy’s club must line up in CA is a fallacy. Brett and Birddog do not follow this pattern, and Brett just smashed 1B MC and Birddog went parabolic two days ago.

All the other boy’s club projects had scams and copycats start after them, just as Fofar does. The original, legit project has succeeded in every other case. This is a clear case of the same pattern. Be careful of scams, always do your research.

I can confidently conclude that FOFAR 0x_420 is a legitimate project with organic growth, a strong and kind community, and arguably the highest-quality content in the meme space. The potential here is massive! DYOR. NFA.


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