What is $RAINBOW?

$RAINBOW is a hyper-deflationary, multi-faceted token that employs 7 resilient protocols which uniquely combine to create a single, robust cryptoasset. Check out the chart and you can see that it peaks higher with each market cycle! This is because its seven protocols combine perfectly for a very bullish token!

This project uses first-of-its-kind tokenomics to make it a truly unique BEP20 token that has never before been seen. I am extremely excited for how far this project can go, it's still so incredibly early to be investing when you read what is upcoming for Rainbow!

The developers are creating multiple products behind the RAINBOW brand and are currently focusing on building a decentralised token launchpad service that specialises in user friendliness, flexibility and utility for the native token, $RAINBOW.

How does the token work?

Each buy transaction is taxed 7% and split into seven equal portions:

? Burn: A portion is permanently burnt directly to the dead address. Since the dead address also has reflections enabled on it, a faster rate of burning occurs as the number of RAINBOW tokens in this dead address builds. This makes the token truly hyper deflationary, reducing the supply over time and making each token more scarce / valuable!

? Buyback: A portion of the tax is sold into BNB which is stored inside the contract. This BNB is then used to purchase back tokens after every sell. The purchased tokens are then permanently burnt, meaning the price permanently increases relative to the circulating supply.

? Reflect: A portion is reflected to every existing holder based on the % of the total supply they are holding. This means just by holding $RANBOW you earn an interest yield automatically and straight into your wallet.

? Charity: A portion is used to donate to charities that the development team and community feel strongly about.

? Liquidity: A portion is used to increase the size of the liquidity pool. This means as time progresses, the price impact of relatively large sells goes down, and larger investors are able to purchase bigger amounts without losing out to slippage. This both alleviates some of the sell pressure whales can put on projects, and allows a larger range of big investors to buy into the project.

Ⓜ️ Marketing: A portion is sold into BNB and sent to a marketing wallet. These funds are solely used for business & marketing purposes, helping spread the word of $RAINBOW so that more potential investors are exposed to the project.

? Lottery: A portion is held in the contract inside a side pot. These extra tokens are awarded to a random (real) buyer, this provides further purchase incentive for Rainbow and awards real active investors instead of bots.

They also have their own anti-whale tax system for large volume sellers – this is incredibly important as it reduces sell pressure from whales considering dumping their whole supply!

For more in depth information on each protocol and the project in general, check out the telegram: https://t.me/rainbow_crypto or whitepaper: https://rainbowtoken.finance/whitepaper.pdf


Other than the fact that $RAINBOW has a great and unique idea, these are the reasons why I know I want to be a part of it:

? Promoted by a celebrity and other huge influencers

? Chart is incredibly bullish breaking ATH after ATH, holder numbers are growing constantly

? Still incredibly early to be investing

? Presale Launchpad "Bifrost" gives a utility for the token

? NFT Game, Staking, mintable NFTs have all been teased to come in the future

? Verifiably doxed & experienced developers

? Viral marketing is being used to create parabolic growth

For all these reasons, this project is more than worthy of being a part of – but don't take my word for it! Read the whitepaper, join the Telegram and as always, DYOR.


[Telegram] https://t.me/rainbow_crypto

[Website] https://rainbowtoken.finance/

[Twitter] https://twitter.com/rainbowtokenbsc

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